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I have some pretty serious problems, I already know it. I get emails from people rather unkindly reminding me of that, but trust me, I already know.

My parents sent me to psychiatrists, who mostly just put me on drugs.  I don't take them anymore.  For a long time I wanted to kill myself.  I used to be a cutter.  I also used to be very promiscuous, but not anymore.  I haven't had sex with anyone in about seven years.

Looking back, it's hard to believe how promiscuous I really was.  Everyone at my high school knew I would 'do it'.  I spent one summer lying on an old mattress in a friend's basement, letting guys come down one by one to fuck me and sometimes slap me around.  I even tried hitchhiking for sex on I55, hoping I'd get kidnapped - or worse.. 

So anyway, I'm 23 now, I've learned to live with myself, and I've found other outlets for whatever is wrong with my head.  I get off on hurting myself.  I get off on things that normally disgust people.  Sometimes I do really nasty things and I have to go to the hospital.  Things like shit, vomit, decay, insects and rodents make me horny.  That's just me.

I have this page because I like talking about what I do, and I like exchanging emails with people with similar problems (or interests!).  I show up on IRC sometimes.  Lately I've been using Yahoo Messenger more.
For the longest time I fantasized about maggots.  Maggots that made me cum.  When I put it on this web page I never considered actually trying it, but after a while I kind of got obsessed with the idea.  After I finally worked up the courage, I went through with it.
I posted sort of a diary on this page, and after it was over I wrote out the entire expreience.

If you really want to know how low I get, click on the link
below and read it.  If you're a normal person, don't.  It's really disgusting. 
The Maggot Thing