This afternoon, after chatting for a while online with a friend, I bought a pound of ground beef from Jewel, unwrapped it, and put in a plastic garbage bag.  I left the bag inside my 'favorite' dumpster behind the restaurant and made sure that it wasn't closed up.  I don't want the meat to dry up, but I don't want to keep the flies from getting to it either.  I tried this last weekend and it worked, so I'm trying to do it exactly the same way.  There were some flies buzzing around the dumpster, so that's encouraging. 

I was originally going to put the meat inside me as soon as I thought the flies had laid their eggs, but I've been kind of worried about getting an infection, I mean getting really sick, even before anything happens.  So now I'm going to wait until I can see my repulsive little lovers before I go any farther.

Yeah, as if I have the guts to actually go through with this...