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I scooped up some of the slime on my gloved finger and brought it to my nose.  I knew what it was from the reading I'd done before.  It was digestive juices from the maggots, full of bacteria.  And it smelled just horrible.  I thought to myself, that's what I'm going to smell like.  That's the stench that's going to come from my vagina.  I want that, I thought, spreading my legs wide apart.  I dragged my slimy finger between my pussy lips.  My clit felt like a hard little pebble beneath the slime.  I didn't want to cum right then, though, and I was still right on the edge of gagging, too.  But I knew there was no turning back now, so I let my fingers lightly touch the top of the maggot mass.  The maggots felt like nothing I'd experienced before.  They seemed to have such energy, totally different from picking up an earthworm or something.  And they felt so alive.  I was fascinated and nauseated at the same time.  Sinking my fingers into the mass, I felt the solid meat beneath.  Gently breaking it apart, I could see that the meat had turned gray except for the very center which was still pink, and that the maggots had penetrated into it but not too deeply yet.  There was still plently of food for my filthy little babies.  I broke off a small chunk of meat that was covered on one side with maggots and held it for a moment while I fought back another urge to vomit.  It was finally time, I thought.  I leaned forward, and holding my pussy lips apart with one hand, I gritted my teeth and pushed the maggot-covered chunk of meat into my vagina.  And then, totally without expecting it, I had an orgasm.  A quick, sharp one that only made me want more.

And more was coming.  I broke off another small chunk of meat, along with another part of the maggot mass and pushed it inside me.  This one had more maggots on it, and I stopped for a moment to see if I could feel them inside me.  I wasn't sure I could, but it didn't matter.  I wanted them all.  I needed to take them all inside me.  With that thought, I went sort of wild.  I started pushing bigger chunks of meat and maggots, and even handfuls of just maggots into me, over and over.  I was practically hyperventilating, too.  I wasn't thinking at all about the noise I must have been making.  But now I could definitely feel the maggots squirming inside my vagina.  Just the idea of it made me cum again.

Finally, once I had crammed all of the rotten meat, and all of the maggots I could inside me, I felt so filthy, so disgusting, like I'd turned myself into some low, depraved sort of beast.  And that made me so incredibly hot, together with the constant movement of the maggots inside me.  But it was time to go.  Holding my hand over my crotch, I slowly crawled back to my clothes and managed to get dressed again without anything coming out.  I put the gloves back into my pocket and climbed out of the dumpster.  And right then I could hold back the revulsion of what I'd just done no longer.  Holding myself up against the side of the dumpster, I threw up.  Ever vomited while you were horny?  It's weird.

Walking home down the alley, I felt like I was in a daze.  I kept asking myself how I could have done this to myself, but then asking why I'd waited so long.  I had to walk slowly to make sure nothing got squeezed out of my vagina, but also to keep from cumming again.  I found myself amazed at the whole thing, that I'd stuffed the most intimate part of myself with these things that were too disgusting to even touch without gloves.  And that I was totally getting off on it.

Once I was home, I locked myself in my bedroom, took off my clothes, except for my double-panties, and got into bed.  I closed my eyes and just let myself feel the maggots squirming inside me.  For a while I tried to watch TV, but I could really pay attention to it.  The maggots were too wonderfully distracting.  I skipped dinner.  Later on, when I really had to pee, I did it by taking down my panties and holding my hand over my crotch, wearing the rubber gloves, of course.

The next morning I called off of work after being awake most of the night.  I mainly stayed naked in my bed all day masturbating, barely getting up for anything.  I wanted to do nothing but let my nauseating little babies grow inside my pussy.  Pretty early, though, I realized the smell was getting really horrible.  I opened the window.  I also wet a bath towel and stuffed it under my bedroom door.  I didn't want my parents to get suspicious. 
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