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Updated 26 March 1998

Please feel free to write me
1) the approaches you have used to reach this page
2) the ideas you have got to implement and ameliorate this protection schema
3) the approaches you could use, based on this schema, in order to reverse OTHER javascript (or cgi-based for that matter) protection schemas.

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For the moment, the minimum you can get is Dolgov's CODE GENERATOR to input your own combinations... here it is with his jscodes function:

Dolgov's code generator
for JavaScript protection
Username (less than 10 chars)
Password (less than 10 chars)
Name of protected file (only digits allowed) .htm
How to use these codes
To add new user to the list just fill all fields in the form (pls note that filename can consist only of digits, you can't use characters in one) then press the button and copy the string appeared into file with authorization code:

//*********************   U S E R'S   L I S T   ********************************

USERS=new MakeList(

  403958230953954, 934028492849284, 419840912840913,       // user #1

  413481947902184, 525290587210958, 349130490139403,       // user #2

  842524712634712, 346273252236473, 233418273487384);      // new user


     username mozilla  Have you found only this one?  BEGINNER SOLUTION   


     wannaget targeted Or did you find this one?      INTERMEDIATE SOLUTION


     or did you find directly this page number?       ADVANCED SOLUTION 

Well, Javascript is acquiring more and more importance (especially for stalking matters), and there are many important "Javascript curiosities" on the Web. I'm focussing at the moment, as you have seen, on "javascript based site protection", but I intend soon (with your help, of course) to start investigating other, very important as well, javascript usage possibilities. Watch it!
If people only leech I will not be able to teach!.
This section will grow only through your own contributions, dear readers, and therefore WORK A LITTLE on this -if you are interested- and send your own essays (or whatever interesting you found out) on these very interesting matters!
Admittely some javacrackers have written to me that the 'easy' devious entrance is indeed TOO easy. May be, yet as you know I see exactly who peruses my pages, and I can assure you that out of 4-5000 hits (March 1998) per day only 10-12 "new" identities land on this page in a week.
And anyway don't worry: the entrance to the advanced stalking javascript section, in July, will be MUCH more difficult :-)

I don't believe there is on the web ANY other place where you'll find so many javascript cracking approaches at the moment... yet I may be wrong... if you know of any site that should be added here, please MAIL me. Please consider this place, once you have landed here, as YOUR place as well. If I notice that the name of this site has been passed to others THAT HAVE NOT WORKED like you have, I'll change the name of the page and you may either re-crack it (now you have enough scripts for that :-) or just ask me for it. Now enjoy the following essays, and as soon as you have time please WORK and send me your 'advanced' javascipt contributions...

You'll also notice a couple of javascript tricks around my OTHER pages. See for instance the what_new.htm page for a "referrercheck" function that you may modify in order to create another sort of conditional gate to parts of your site. On my main index.htm page there is a small Whats_Frav_New() function as well, triggered by a button... more other little javascript snippets have been and will be added as needs be...

The essays
... as I said, this page is under construction... and if you are already here you have been much to quick for my taste... write me immediately, I'll make the entrance a little more difficult (taking away the double username for instance)...

PHASE 1: Peter Papazov's "the 'easy' way to devious"
by Peter Papazov
21 February 1998

PHASE 2: Jack of Shadows's "Devious snippets: Collection of different approaches"
by Jack of Shadows
28 February 1998

PHASE 3: Azazel's "Reaching the protected part"
by Azazel
01 March 1998
PHASE 4: Roady's "how to land in devious"
05 March 1998
PHASE 5: JimBob's "Two Paths To Success"
by JimBob
08 March 1998
PHASE 6: Gabtis' immediate approach (so short and knapp that I publish it here :-)
08 March 1998
Fravia+, I spent 1 minute reading myown511.htm, 5 minutes of Zen and 30 seconds to write this on the top of your myown511.html -------- gabtis insert function FravBecca(){ for (dd=1; dd <32; dd++) { // window.alert(dd); myret = encode("vournt", dd); myloc="" + myret + ".htm";,dd); window.alert(myloc); } ----------end of gabtis insert naturally I modify your line <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="button" Value="Submit" onClick="FravEncode(this.form)"> into <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="button" Value="Submit" onClick="FravBecca()"> then I press 29 times OK. Too easy working on a a self-reversing protection scheme knowing the cypertext (vournt). anyway I spent a full week cracking advanced page javpassp.htm... it was a funny week. ciao Gabtis

PHASE 7: Tom's "bozo cracks java"
by Tom
26 March 1998 __NEW__
PHASE 7: MR's "myown511.htm: the DECIDING sentence"
by MR
26 March 1998 __NEW__

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