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June 1999
Welcome to Fravia's "encryption-compilation" Javascript page
This could become a 'living' workshop on cryptography with Javascript.
(moderated by The Seeker)

My first approach was to compile all the interesting javascript-cryptos. Don't expect, that you will find here, at the beginning (June-July 1999) everything ready to download. It will surely take some time to put all things together.
For another : I will need your help.
I am neither your guru nor your trainer, just the moderator of these pages. I know for sure, that there is a whole lot of better javascript-coders out there, so please
The Seeker

[general courses] ~ [courses with javascript] ~ [some crypto tools] ~ [some crypto programs] ~ [Rot-13] ~ [RSA] ~ [Steganography]

Crypto with Javascript
Fravia's living workshop on Javascript cryptography : The compilation
(moderated by The Seeker)
First issue : The vintage years (rough version)
Last modified : 10.06.99

At the moment, this is just a bunch of URLs which I tried to sort. Maybe one of these days this will be the starting point of another workshop !
The more you contribute, the sooner this page will get what it is intended to be : a real compilation of javascript-cryptos.
What you can do :
- explain us, how some encryptions work
- write universal decrypters
- tell us about other cryptos you have found
- try to improve the encryptions
Once again : there are a lot of white places in the javascript-protection-landscape to fill ! It is up to YOU, if this page will be another milestone in javascript-reversing or just another giant flop.
Javascript wizards of all countries, unite ! CONTRIBUTE !
The Seeker

Useful informations / courses (without javascript)

I know : there are a 1000s of crypto-URLs on the web. Here are 2 intros I found rather readable and understandable. - Love it or leave it !

bullet Crypto course (no javascript)
URL : http://www.trincoll.edu/cpsc/cryptography
comments :no javascript - but well written
essays :~

bullet Bill Moore's Cryptography Mini-Tutorial (no javascript)
URL : http://www.erols.com/gwmoore/billcryp.html
comments :no javascript - but well written
essays :~

Useful informations / courses

bullet Rob's Encryption Using Javascript Course
URL : http://crypt2000.hypermart.net/Course/index.htm
comments :very interesting - a goldmine
extra bonus : crypt application, written in Java
essays :~

bullet Base Conversion, Logs, Powers, Factorials, Permutations and Combinations in JavaScript
URL : http://www.io.com/~ritter/JAVASCRP/PERMCOMB.HTM
comments :+ a whole lot of other javascripts - another goldmine !
essays :~

bullet Ciphering with javascript
URL : http://www.serve.com/hotsyte/ciphers/
comments :- reversal cipher
- caesar cipher
- vigenere cipher
- railfence cipher
essays :~


bullet Cryptogramm solving tool
URL : http://www.coastlink.com/users/sbryce/cryptograms/crypto.htm
comments :~
essays :~

bullet Password Generator and ROT-13 en-/decryptor
URL : http://www.xs4all.nl/~pater/password/
comments :~
essays :~

bullet symmetric key integer encryption script using n-round feistel algorithm
URL : www.ggw.org/donorware/flip.html
comments :~
essays :~

bullet JavaScript One-time Pad Generator
URL :http://www.fourmilab.com/onetime/otpjs.html
comments :~
essays :~

Some encryption programs

Unsorted, partly unchecked : spicks and specks

bullet (Very) basic Encryption
URL :http://www.javascripts.com/ look for : script11657.html
comments :~
essays :~

bullet Infohiway's encrypter
URL :http://www.infohiway.com (encrypt.htm)
comments :~
essays :~

bullet Chen's cipher
URL :http://www.timetrends.com/howard/jsresource/indexTree.htm (cipher.htm)
comments :~
essays :~

bullet Yobo's Encryption
URL : http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/yoboseyo/index2.html
comments :~
essays :~

bullet How to Hide Your EMAIL Address from Webspiders
includes an e-mail-encrypter
URL : http://mayashastra.simplenet.com/mail/mail_mask.html
comments :~
essays :~

bullet 3 ciphering programs
URL : http://codebrkr.infopages.net/fcodes.htm
comments :- caesar cipher
- autokey cipher
- keyword cipher
essays :~

bullet McCombs cipher
URL : http://www.lucknow.com/horus/utilities/cipher.html
comments :a little XORing
essays :~

bullet McCombs cipher (enhanced)
URL : http://www.cif.rochester.edu/users/circle/darkside/cipher.html
comments :improved XORing
essays :~

bullet Epperson's cipher
URL : http://www.bm.lu.se/~itl/javascript/source/crypt.html
comments :XORs and more's
essays :~

bullet 8 ciphering programs
URL : http://www.angelfire.com/ct/azraelsdominion/
comments :- caesar cipher
- variant cipher
- xor cipher
- substitution
- beaufort
- vigenere
- atbash
- affine
comments :~
essays :~

Special bonus :
netbomber.html (javascript email-bomber)


bullet The rot-13 Page
URL : http://www.brookings.net/~darinaf/rot13.html
comments :~
essays :~


bullet RSA Algorithm Javascript
URL :http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Breakers/6224/rsa.html
comments :~
essays :~

bullet RSA - Cryptographic Algorithm Simulate Center with JavaScript
URL : http://members.tripod.com/cyber_RSA/english/
comments :~
essays :~

bullet RSA Message-Digest Algorithm
URL :http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/7116 (jv_md5.html)
commentsa :~
essays :~


bullet HH-stegano
URL : http://www.docs.uu.se/~tv98hah/kryptering/stegprog3.html
comments :! !
essays :~

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