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Timex FDD3000
Floppy Disk Drive

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FDD3000 is the evolution of FDD. It consists in only one box with the power supply, the controller and two 3" disk drives. FDD300 is almost a complete computer: It have it's own processor (Z80A @ 4Mhz), have it's own RAM (64K), it have two serial ports and a jack to connect a video composite monitor when you use the TT3000.

Timex have made 2 operating systems for FDD/FDD3000: TOS and CP/M.

Zebra Systems have imported the Timex FDD3000 as the Zebra FDD3000. Zebra Systems have erased all the Timex references of the FDD3000 manual. In the FDD3000 unit they have painted the Timex name with silver paint and put a sticker saying "Zebra".

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It's possible to connect a PC 3,5" DSDD drive or a PC 5,25" DSHD drive. Disks have
640K capacity and a maximum of four drives can be connected to the same controller.

There was diferent versions of Timex FDD3000:

-original FDD 3000 Done by Timex.

Big cover. Like +3, but 3 times higher. Two 3" drives slots on front .
Big PCB, three or two ULA's mounted in SMD. (square shape. pins are not bended under chip)
One Toroidal Trafo, which gives 18V
Strange and very instable Power regulators. 12 V is done standard (7812), but +5 is rather strange. Main point of damages. Often damages RAM (4464)
Interface with ULA and two 2114 Ram chips. Also eprom 2732.
Eprom requires special programing than other FDD's.
Centronics Port (Hidden)
64K of RAM, 2K of ROM

-Unipolbrit's FDD 3000.

Cover like Timex's FDD 3000
In electronics the same. Added in one 48k ram card. (some issues... i think it is ZX81 ram expansion...)
Big PSU inside cover.
Trafo gives two AC voltages - 1 for +12V and 1 for +5V, Special board with regulators (standard 7812 and 7805). FUSES!! Each 1A.
Interface same as FDD3
64K of RAM, 2K of ROM

-STAVI's FDD 3000 (FDD6000?)

Cover as TIMEX's FDD3000, but enough enlarged, to contain two 5,25" drives, and made of worser material (more elastic, so you cannot stand monitor on it) I didn't saw it inside (But Jordan have one)
Interface changed a bit.
2*GAL (16V8) all on board, 2116 SRAM, one 10K resistor for one of GAL's (probably for filtering, coz GAL's work fine at 5V) the same EPROM with the same program, the same line drivers.
64K of RAM, 2K of ROM

All FDD 3000 machines have Z80 chip onboard and 64K of RAM.
All FDD's are build on FDC WD1770 (HOOKED INTRQ TO _INT IN Z80) UART WD2123 (RS232. NO INTERRUPTS) Special helping port (FM/MFM, HEAD LOAD, SIDE SELECT, ROM OFF)

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