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My own Collection

A picture of my Timex system corrently mounted was required were. It is composed by my TC2068 computer, FDD3000 system, Neptun monitor and TC2010 tape recorder.

Sometimes I use the TC2068 with FDD (FDD3) insted of the FDD3000.
And rarely I use the TC2048 with FDD (FDD3) .

Some of the machines doesn't have a photo, witch will be added later.

Here is a list of my Timex and Sinclair computers collection:

-2 Timex Computer 2048 Personal Color Computer
     - Serial Number: 711 063254 (photo/photo) - My first computer!

-1 Timex Sinclair 2020 Program Recorder
     - Serial Number: 30916895 (photo)

-1 Timex Sinclair 2040 Thermal Printer
     - Serial number: 2088555 (photo/photo)

-1 Timex Sinclair 2050 Communications Modem (the case is not original)
     -Serial Number: Unknown (photo)

-1 Timex Interface RS232
    - Serial Number: P 554244 L (photo)

Timex Sinclair 1000 Made in Portugal for USA Market
Timex Sinclair 1016 16K RAM Pack Made in Portugal
ts1040a_x.jpg (30579 bytes) Timex Sinclair 1040 Multi Power Supply

Timex Computer 2010 Computer Program Recorder
Model: M-328 - Serial Number: 4413K - 711 064412

Timex Computer 2048 Personal Color Computer
Serial Number: 512 080966
Timex Sinclair 2068 Personal Color Computer
Serial Number: H615410
Timex Computer 2068 Personal Color Computer
Serial Number: 512 085944
Timex Sinclair 2090 Command Stick for TS/TC2068
Timex FDD (16K RAM-3 modules. I have a 3,5" DSDD drive connected)
     - 3" Drive Module - Model: M-394 - Serial Number: P 08246 ON
     - Controller Module - Model: M-395 - Serial Number: P 02652 ON
     - Power Supply Module - Model: M-396 - Serial Number: P 01771 ON
     - Interface - Model: M-397 - Serial Number: P 10761 ON
Timex FDD3000
Serial Number: P 537125 L
Timex FDD3000
Serial Number: P 543439 L
zxplus1_x.JPG (48693 bytes) Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Plus
Serial Number: D 03-015588 (Bad keyboard membrane)
zxif1a_x.jpg (36314 bytes) Sinclair ZX Interface 1
zxmd1_x.jpg (36266 bytes) Sinclair ZX Microdrive
zxmdtape_x.JPG (26635 bytes) 8 Sinclair ZX Microdrive Tapes

-2 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K rubber keyed (one of them is a upgraded 16K version)
     - Serial Number: 034-189626 (photo)
     - Model M-332 48K - Serial Number: P 130642 (this one was made by TMX Portugal!)

-1 ZX Printer
    -Serial Number: Unknonw (photo)

-1 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K +2 (faulty: I cannot tune the TV)
     - Serial Number: U-076367 (photo/photo)

-2 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K +2A
     - Serial Number: E-015665 (photo/photo)
     - Serial Number: G-020372(photo) (Bad TV tuner)

-1 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K +2B
     - Serial Number: GC-74183 E036B (photo/photo of Sinclair Gun)

-1 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K +3 (Bad ULA)
     - Serial Number: E-014167 (photo)

-1 Sinclair PC200
     - Serial Number: 534-9533776 (photo/photo - with non original Sinclair monitor. Booted with MS-DOS 5.0))

Original Timex Software:

10 Timex Sinclair 1000 Software Tapes: Money Analyser 1, Money Analyser 2, The Carpooler, Chess, College Cost Analyser, Statistics, The Loan/Margage Amortizer, Super Math, Grimm's Fairy Trails and States and Capitols.
TS2068 Software Tape 63010 - Education - Spelling 1
TS2068 Software Tape 64012 - Entertainment - Fun Golf
TS2068 Software Tape 64023 - Entertainment - Crazybugs
TS2068 Software Cartridge 72000 - Home - Budgetter
TS2068 Software Cartridge 71001 - Education - States and Capitols
TS2068 Software Cartridge 74004 - Entertainment - Casino 1
TS2068 Software Cartridge 74004 - Entertainment - Crazybugs
TS2068 Software Tapes unboxed: Horace and the Spiders, VU-3D, VU-File, VU-Calc, Personal Porfolio Manager, Pinball, Keyboard Tutorial/Turtle Graphics/Home Accounting, Androids, TC2048 Demo Tape and Flight Simulator.

1 Time Word Processor V1.2 cartridge published by Timex of Portugal.

None of this itens is for sale or trade.

I have too some other old computers, maybe I will make a page for them too:

A Philips NMS9100 PC XT - 8088 running at 4.77Mhz, with 32MB harddisk, 1MB of RAM, 720K 3,5" drive, MDA/CGA graphic card with monochrome monitor (ambar);

A Olivetti PCS286 - 80286 running at 12 Mhz, 1MB RAM, 40MB IDE HDD, VGA 256K graphic card.

A Philips P3348 - 386SX20 Mhz, 1 MB RAM, 80MB HDD, VGA 256K.

A DFI 386SX25 Mhz - Amd386, 4MB RAM, 85MB harddisk, 1.44MB 3,5 drive, OAK VGA 512K graphic card.

A Olivetti M4 - 486SX25 Mhz, 4MB RAM, 160MB HDD, VGA 256K.

A Apple Macintosh LCIII with 8MB RAM, 100MB SCSI HDD.

A Apple Macintosh IIfx with 20MB RAM, 1GB SCSI HDD, graphic card with 1MB RAM.

A Apple Macintosh PowerBook 170 with 4MB RAM, 80MB SCSI HDD, B&W LCD.

A Amiga 500 Plus with 1 MB RAM and Commodore 1084S monitor.

A Amiga 600 with 2MB RAM.

You can see a pic of my other computers clicking here.

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