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Software that does not work on Timex computers

TS2068 without the Spectrum emulator cartridge is only 7% software compatible with ZX Spectrum. With the emulator cartridge, TS2068 raises it to 97%. Because of Timex of Portugal modifications, TC2068 is more compatible with Spectrum. I have a partial list of the software that does not work on TS2068, and I'm testing those games in TC2068 and TC2048.

This is only a partial list:

Rick Dangerous, Arkanoid, Uridium, Movie, Dizzy 5, Academy, Xevious, Arcadia, Cookie, Battle Cars, Bubbler, Jack the Nipper 2, Hysteria, Flying Shark.

Here are the results:

Rick Dangerous - works*
Arkanoid 1 and 2 - works
Uridium - works
Movie - works
Dizzy 5 - Not tested and not found a TAP file.
Academy - Not tested and not found a TAP file.
Xevious - Not tested yet
Arcadia - works
Cookie - works
Battle cars - works
Bubbler - works
Jack the nipper 2 - works
Hysteria - works
Flying shark - Not tested and not found a TAP file.

I have searched in WOS but I cannot find all.

*My copy of Rick Dangerous, says that the game will not work on Timex
computers, even in TC2048. :(  But I found a version (TAP format) in WOS and it worked.

In all the tests I have done, I have used a TC2068 with the TMX Portugal Spectrum Emulator and the Timex FDD system with a 3,5" DSDD drive to copy TAP files from MS-DOS to TOS disks. Some times I test in FDD3000.

If you know the entire list, please email me.

Johnny Red

This page was updated at 30-06-2001