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Timex Computer 2010
Computer Program Recorder

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TMX of Portugal also made a special tape recorder for the TC2048 and TC2068, the Timex Computer 2010. This tape recorder is totally diferent of the american TS2020. It is black and it is totally digital. Because it reproduces a square wave, it doesn't work with music tapes.

The volume control in TC2010 doesn't affect the sound volume that goes to the computer, it is only to listen the sound.


Weight: 0,790 Kg
Dimensions: 190x140x58mm
Data transfer rate: 300, 1200, 2400 baud
Recording: DC bias
Wow and flutter: in 3Khz /- 0,25%
Tape speed: 4,8cm/sec /- 3%
Output power: 100mw /- 10%

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