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Timex Sinclair 1040
Multi-Power Supply

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The TS1040 is a multi-power supply to replace 4 individual power supplys.
It gives two 9V, one 6V and one 26V AC connections.
All the conections have a diferent plug so you cannot make a mistake.
The 26V AC is for the TS2040 printer, the 6V is for the TS2020 tape recorder, one 9V for the TC2048/2068/ZX Spectrum and the other 9V to connect a TS1000/1500 or another computer.
It have a switch to turn the power on and off and a red led to show if it is on or off.

There is no sign in the case that it is made by Timex, but a small PCB inside have the TS1040 inscription.
This must be manufactured by Timex Portugal, since it seems that it had never existed in US.

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