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Timex Sinclair 2040
Thermal Printer

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Timex Sinclair 2040 printer, AKA the Alphacom 32, is a dot matrix printer that uses thermal paper for imaging. The paper have 4.33 inches by 82 feet long.


-8x8 character matrix
-32 characters per line
-10 characters per inch
-8 lines per inch

Sixteen thermal heads produce the dots. Each head produces two characters for a total of 256 dots for each line. At the end of each line the paper is advanced vertically by one dot. The paper is the same as used by Alphacom 40 column printers made to work with other brands of computers such as Atari.
It was compatible with all Timex Sinclair computer busses, including the Spectrum bus. Sinclair BASIC commands LPRINT and LLIST directed output to the printer, and COPY did a screen dump.

All the Timex catalogs shows a silver version, but I think they never came out. All the TS2040 I have seen, they are all black.

TS 2040 printer with box

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