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Sunday was warm and sunny, just how I always fantasized it would be when I finally went through with it.  I stared walking to the sumpster again, I think about 2pm, and I was really excited and nervous.  I felt butterflies in my tummy, just anticipagting what I was about to do.

The dumpster is in the alley behind a restaurant near my house.  It gets emptied on Tuesdays, so by Sunday it's pretty stinky and there are flies buzzing around.  Which means there are things rotting inside there and that's just perfect for me.  A few times in the past I climbed into that dumpster and masturbated.  Nothing too intense.  Most I'd ever done was take off my pants and hump against the dirty garbage bags.  And one time I laid there with my legs spread, watching the flies land on me.

So anyway, I walked down the alley to the dumpster, and as usual I made sure nobody was around, just to be extra careful.  You have to go behind a tall wooden fence to even see the dumpster, and the restaurant is closed on Sunday anyway, so I knew I wouldn't be noticed.  But this time there's no way I want to be disturbed.  I climbed up and over the side and onto my hands and knees into the mass of plastic garbage bags and other miscellaneous rubbish.  The bags felt warm from the sun.  The smell in there was extremely foul, much worse than usual, and I knew it was because of my rotting meat.  I sat and tried to get myself to relax for a few minutes.  There was no reason to hurry.  When I was ready, I calmly took off my sandals, my jeans, and my panties.  Both pairs.  I was wearing two pairs of tight panties with a bunch of my panty liners in the crotch, which keeps anything in my vagina from coming out when I move around.  But I was going "all the way" this time, so I went ahead and got completely naked.  That was a weird feeling, being totally nude inside the dumpster.  It seemed very erotic to me.  The sun felt warm on my skin, especially my boobs, which pretty much never see the sun.

I took a pair of rubber kitchen gloves out of my pants pocket and put them on.  There was no way I could bring myself to actually touch a maggot with my bare hands.  Lying with my back against the side of the dumpster, I fingeed my pssy.  I was really wet already.  I knew I would be.  The sensation of the rubber glove against my clit felt unusual, and I kind of liked it.  I did that for a little while, just thinking about what I was about to do, while staring at the smaller garbage bag in the far corner of the dumpster where I'd left it yesterday.  I still felt the butterflies in my tummy.  I kept thinking to myself that I can't wimp out, that I had to go through with this.  I wished for a moment that someone else was there to force me to do it, but decided that it was somehow much more sick and depraved to do it to myself willingly.  And I thought, yeah, that's me.  That's what I want.  I deserve this.  And so I knew it was time to do it

I got back on my hands and knees and crawled to the other side of the dumpster.  I sat down next to my garbage bag, gently picked it up and placed it in front of me.  The terrible smell was already stronger.  Carefully, I tore the bag open.  And there they were.  There had to be thousands of maggots, kind of beige-yellow with little black spots on them, all writhing in a large mass.  I couldn't even see the rotting meat underneath them.  Dozens more maggots clung to the inside of the black plastic, which was coated with a thick light-brown slime.  It was such a repulsive sight I thought I was going to throw up right there.  But I didn't.  I took a few minutes to get control of myself, fingering my clit while staring at the maggots, trying to work up the courage to continue.

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