Morning Glory is written, drawn and put together by Xxx Xxxxxxx. Created in
2003, ending in early 2004, restarted again in early 2005.

Q & A:

1. Xxx, are you a racist?

   - And you know, that is a fair question. I'm not actually racist, and I have
nothing against black people, or most other races. Really. The Morning Glory
dad is a character who happens to be a racist, homophobic, child molesting,
woman beating, drunken, drug addict, rapist, murderer, etc... But I am not
those things. Sorry if that disappoints some of you, but I maybe I can tide
you over with the fact that I am a sexist.

2. Where do you get your ideas?

   - Back when the comic was newer, I'd find influences from numerous sources.
Messageboards I'd post at, jokes I'd heard, and so on. That didn't last too
long, mind you, but it did for most likely comics 4-10, or so. Afterwords,
the ideas just sort of came to me out of nowhere. I've since grown up a bit
since I've stopped and started again, so the ideas come to me in larger
numbers, quicker, and in funnier situations. I really don't get my ideas
from anywhere anymore. I could be watching TV, shitting, waking up from a
nap, jerking off, or watching porn.

3. Does Morning Glory accept requests for comics?

   - While we appreciate greatly your ideas and contributions, we won't use
them. The reason being that while they're probably funny, we'd like to keep
things within our own personal circle. We will eventually be accomodating
you all, though, by adding a Fan Art section.

4. Can you put my name in one of the comics?

   - Sorry, no.

5. When is Morning Glory updated?

   - Morning Glory is updated every Wednesday and Sunday, except for special
occassions where the may be problems.

6. Will you make me a special comic?

   - Maybe. Sometimes I'm lazy. Try your luck.

A Tid Bit About Xxx:

Name: Xxx Xxxxxxx
Age: XX
Location: Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx (Xxxxxx)

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