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Timex Computer 3256

Timex Computer 3256 had really existed! Not a prototype, but a fully funcional and finished machine!
It was totally developed by Timex Computer of Portugal.

TC3256 have 256K base memory and a keyboard like the actual PC's. It was based in Z80A CPU and it have five modes of operation.

This is the Spectrum mode.

TIMEWORD is a word processor in ROM. It uses 80 colunns screen, have all the portuguese charaters. It can use the RAMdisk, FDD or tape for storage. Have TABS, copy and move blocks of text.

3-Terminal CP/M
This mode was to replace the TT3000. It sets the TC3256, to use the FDD3000 in CP/M mode and it works in 80 columns.

4-Disk Start
This gives to the programmer 64K of RAM to development of software. The biggest advantage is that the 64K RAM starts at 00H.

Specially designed for the software houses to protect the software, using catridges.

TC3256 have a Network, the TENET (Timex Educational NETwork).
-25 stations
-Maximum lenght: 100 meters
-Sharing Printer and FDD System
-Messaging system
-Can be used in Timex Extended BASIC
-Station low cost
-fully transparent to users software
-Resists to faillure or loss of stations

Timex Extended BASIC, has added more commands:

LOAD!,SAVE!, CAT!, MERGE!, ERASE! and CLEAR! to control the RAMdrive.

FORMAT!, LPRINT, LLIST to control the RS232

BEEP! x,y to control AY-3-8192 sound chip

SCREEN$, DRAW!, PLOT!, CIRCLE! to control the high resolution screen mode. It allows to work with PAPER and INK.

TC3256 doesn't need anymore the FDD/FDD3000 interface. The FDD3000 is just connected like the TT3000.

TC3256 Specifications
Processor: Z80A
RAM: 256K (208K RAMdrive/48K base memory)
ROM:  64K
            16K Sinclair BASIC
            16K Timeword word processor
            16K Timex Extended Basic (Tenet, disk, RAMdrive)
            16K CP/M Terminal emulator
Screen: 32x24 / 64x24
Resolution: 256x192 / 512x192
Sound: BEEP and AY-3-8192 (can output to TV)
Joystick: 1 Kempson
Cartridge Port: 1
Disk Drive: TOS / CP/M
TV Output
Monitors: Video composite and RGB (colour/ monocrome)
Colours: 8+BRIGHT=15
Keyboard: 69 keys, professional keyboard with numeric keyboard and function keys (Caps Lock, Extended, cursors, edit delete, break)
RS232: 1 (300 to 9600 baud)
Mic and Ear: Can use Tape

More in a sec

Timex of Portugal stop selling, reparing and manufacturing all the Timex Computers range when the TC3256 was about to be launched in the market.
The destiny of TC3256 is unknown, but I think I'll get this info, later!

A Portuguese guy have send me an email telling that he have a working TC3256. He said that he would get pictures of it to me.