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Timex Technical Documentation

This page have all the technical documentation about Timex computers I have:

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TS2068 Squematic

TS2068 Technical manual.
(You can take this from a website: Odds and Ends

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TC2068 Squematic
(It's a little bad, some numbers can't be read)

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FDD3000 controller Squematic

Technical info and description of Timex FDD Interface

Timex FDD manual

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Technical info about TOS

Timex FDD 3000 CP/M manual
(Includes the updaded Timex CBIOS Version A1.1)

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Timex Interface RS232 manual

Timex BASIC 64 manual - TC2048 version

Timex BASIC 64 manual - TC2068 version

TC 2010 - Computer Program Recorder User Manual

Time Word - Word processor for TC2068
(Same as above. I don't know if had existed a TC2048 version. I have the TC2068 cartridge version)

This page was updated at 24-07-2001.