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Timex Technical Docs

This menu is divided in parts.

Timex cartridges - description of the cartridges, how they work, how they are, what they have inside;
Timex Technical Docs - page with squematics and manuals of Timex equipment and software;
Timex I/O Ports - description of the Timex computers extra ports;
Timex Boards - pictures of some Timex computer boards;
Timex History - History of the Timex Computer Corp. and Timex of Portugal, Lda.;
Timex ROM - some curious things about Timex ROMs.

My Own Collection - page about my privet computer collection;
Timex Photo Gallery - page with lots of photos of Timex equipment;
Sinclair Photo Gallery - page with photos of Sinclair equipment;
Press News and Ads - page with Portuguese press news and ads of Timex of Portugal computers.

Links - as the name suggests, some links of Spectrum and Timex pages;
Mirrors - as the name suggests, the mirrors of this site.

[TS1000 Software list] [TS2068 Software list] [TMX Portugal Software list] [TS2068 Software compatibility]
[Timex Cartridges] [Timex Technical Docs] [Timex I/O ports] [Timex boards] [Timex history] [Timex ROM]
[My own collection] [Timex photo gallery] [Sinclair photo gallery] [Press news and ads]
[Links] [Mirrors]