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Timex Peripherals

Were is a list of the peripherals made and sold by Timex Computer Corp and Timex of Portugal Lda.

Timex Computer Corp:

TS1016 - 16K RAM module addon
TS1040 - Multi-Power Supply
TS1050 - suitcase to carry the TS1000, some tapes and leads.
TS1510 - cartridge player for TS1000/1500
TS2020 - analog tape recorder
TS2040 - Thermal Printer (compatible with all TS computers)
TS2050 - Modem (compatible with all TS computers)
TS2060 - Bus Expansion Unit (prototype)
TS2065 - Microdrives (prototype)
TS2080 - 80 col. dot matrix printer (prototype)
TS2090 - Joysticks for TS2068

Timex of Portugal, Lda.:

TC2010 - digital tape recorder
TC2080 - 80 col. dot matrix printer
FDD       - 3" Floppy Disk system (160K/640K data capacity), 16K RAM, 2 RS232.
FDD3000 - 3" Floppy Disk system (160K/640K data capacity) 64K RAM, 2 RS232
RS232   - RS232 interface for Timex Computer 2048/2068
Joystick-Sound Unit - Sound amplifier for SLCD sounds and Kempson(?) Joystick Interface

Timex of Portugal also sold the TS2040 and sometimes calls it as the TC2040.

Timex of Portugal also developed the following software:
TOS - Operating System for the FDD/FDD3000
CP/M - Advanced operating system for the FDD3000
Basic 64 - Basic extensions for the extra video modes

Timex of Portugal made also a keyboard to operate the FDD3000 with CP/M, without the need of a Timex Computer: TT3000.

FDD6000 was made by Timex of Poland or by Stavi and it is just a FDD3000 with a bigger case to fit two 5,25" disk drives.

The most rare item is the TS2090, I only know one person who have one!
The TS1510 player and the cartridges are the second more rare item.
In the US both, TS2090 and TS1510, are more rare than Sinclair ZX80!

In Portugal the most rarests are the TC2010 recorder, the TC2080 Printer and the RS232 interface.

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