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Manual upacking of Arma 3.60 with debug detect by MEPHiST0.
Another fine byte surgery job by ZaiRoN, this time adding functionality to Minesweeper.
Hex WorkShop Reversing, get ready for some serious reversing and functionality adding by ZaiRoN
PELock 1.061 More good work from crUsAdEr.
Ida 2 SIce plugin written by mostek ~another update for ida 4.5
Hyper Lock Envelope Volume 2: Victory! by Votan
Cracking Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary by Macillaci (150k pdf)
Manual upacking Armadillo by crUsAdEr.
A newbie game crack by twoFace. A good newbie test to learn the "tools"
An introduction into crypto through MD5 by ZaiRoN. a step up for those who wish to advance.
A newbie tutorial about serial fishing by etherlord
Cracking pc-guard by macilaci (185k pdf)
Ida 2 SIce plugin written by mostek ~updated for latest Ida 4.3
Ida imports/exports/strings plugin version 1d by mostek
An essay by Heathcliff concerning manually unpacking Fusion
Software protection and it's annihilation. An excellent work by Alfred Lo.
Abusing that EVT just a little bit more ~pocket pc essay from NchantA
Ida imports/exports/strings plugin rewritten by mostek with sources
Abusing Microsoft's EVT as a debugger ~ First essay about livedebugging on winCE, a MUST read ~
UGFLEX - The Saga continues flexlm after two years again... by macilaci
OMNIPAGE PRO 11 (Recognita 6) by macilaci
Ma First Steps in Reversing on the PPC / WinCE OS by heXc
Hyper Lock Dongle/Envelope by votan
AsProtect - A reverse engineering approach~ Famous essay by crUsAdEr
How to Find Encryption Code in a Target by Mike
inThether reversing by MaverickLuke
SnapIt v2.0 for the PowerPC (SH3) ? Goatass
RegEditCE v1.0 for the PowerPC
by goatass
Trillian crypted logging by Kaz
Staying Anonymous in 2002 by woodmann
"CD-Cops v1.76" by laptonic
Pocket PC reversing SlovoED A 5 minute crack
Gbraun classic schemes for newbies written by Christal
UniCipher Security Analysis
by The Q
Cracking a thermal simulation program - Written by MTB.
Dns and the resolver function by Lord Soth
by amois
Audio sphere 2.57 by LaptoniC
by j!m
Adding a recently used file menu to the existing menu of an application using a .dll by TmcG
DevaTools for Dreamweaver UltraDev by Sojourner
Sales agent generic cracking by eternal_l0ser
Aspack 2.11 by Amois
Keygenning Resource Builder by j!m
Keygenning PowerMarks 3.5
by j!m
+Hcu cracking guide for beginners by Bengaly
Rhino 2.0 Beta 8_9_2001 by Sojourner
Dantz Retrospect Express Backup v5.5 by Sojourner
Construct-It v5.50 A VB Based Prog with a Beautiful Crystal Ball by Sojourner
Getting Code Quick 2000 Password Quick! by Sojourner
MixVibes: Reversing A Menu Disabled Target by Clandestinity
PowerZip v5.01.1366 by Ben
Sf Editor 2002 (revirgin based essay) by amois
Swimming essay by j!m
Preview 4.0 easy keygen in c by j!m
Microstrategy Api runtime Environment ~ keygenning by vman
Cracking [BARCODES] As an Art by Bengali
Unpacking Asprotect (1.2) by NchantA
The analyst's weird crackme, protection: Buffer overflow by The Analyst
Regspy 1.51 patched by NchantA [PGC]
Reversing Doc-o-Matic by Maldoror
An overview of Safedisc versionsby ArthaXerXès
Reversing.generals by Ignatz / stoicForce
vbox 4.5 defeated - r2 (june 2001) <-revisited and added some revirgin info by +Tsehp
Keygening TVTool v4.8 by Thigo (target)
an ida disassembly into an nms file (1meg)~very usefull
Injecting Kernel32.dll Protecting against TerminateProcess by Harlequin
Regmon: Adding a DLL to reopen logs with Drag and Drop support by Kayaker
Reversing cdilla's Safecast Reset the time limit by +Tsehp & r!sc
Unpacking: a generic approach, including IT rebuilding. by Predator ~revirgin essay
How to crack eLicense protected software by Muad'Dib
Iris v2.00 build 44~another great revirgin essay by BlackB.
Nagware Cracking NWE404's Nag by Vanapaha
update to Copylok by Kilby ~ first essay using revirgin
Zip attacks with reduced known plaintext by Mike
SoftIce's Back Trace buffer and some advanced commands by Lord Soth
Copylok by Kilby ~ first essay using revirgin (updated now march 2001)
2 crackme's by Acid_cool_178
AdSubtract Pro - by Goatass ~java reversing
SoftWrap v1.x (2findmp3 v5.0) by Blackb
Patching Java by Keyser
Crunch2 (safedisc) 2.002 from *bi-Tarts* ~Kilby
Cracking MMTools A very good delphi components protection by DaFixer
TMG Keygenme #2 RSA ~ keygenning a target using RSA by Goatass
Commotion 3.11 dongle removal by CyberHeg
Code Archaeology with ElanLM Reviving functions from the past by Pilgrim
Inprise Delphi 5 Trial Cracking Getting the installation password by cracking the
Installshield script ~Nolan Blender
Sentinel License Manager Cracking... No more Rainbow Trials ~CyberHeg
W32Dasm Disassembled by Harlequin
Stop nagging me will ya! (Evaluate This) by Reed ~Newbie's section
A Detailed Look at Crypt Filters by Nolan Blender
Sentinel License Manager Cracking, Generating keys for Sentinel LM by Nolan Blender
Cracking the Sentinel LM protected program MrSID GEOSPATIAL ENCODER V1.4 by CyberHeg
Removing need for dongle in Sentinel LM Wlscgen by CyberHeg
Big Brother is reading: cryptography in the digital world by BlackB
Reversing 'Adware' by Modifying Window Display Properties by Kayaker
Copernic 4.55 reversing  "If Unregistered then ads" by +Tsehp
Installshield pro 6.2 Eval, Pace's interlok defeated, commercial stupidity again... by Tsehp
TracePlus32 Implementing an Inline Patch from the Menu (for no good reason) by Kayaker
"PerfectDisk 2000" ( "Using what the Shareware Author Provides" )
Manually unpacking a Neolite packed DLL file by Bit Reaper
Trojan Reversing part I - by defiler.
Writing a Trainer for "Beavis And Butt-head in Little Thingies - Hock a loogie" by defiler.
Installshield express 3.01 Damaging netquartz net based protection by +Tsehp
How to extend notepad's functionality by adding code to caves - by defiler

InstaPass Pro v1.20 by cHARON
Palm Reversing - A live approach - by Latigo/UCF
Synchronize It!even the steel chain has it's weak link by fodder
How to completely remove a SalesAgent protection by CapaC
Manual Unpacking d'Asprotect 1.0+ by LuTiN NoIR
Manually unpacking asprotect 1.05 final essay by +Tsehp, the fake import table
~three new essays by BlackB
"1001 Killer Internet Marketing Strategies" v1.3 by BlackB
PicView v1.32 by BlackB
Windows Commander v4.51 by BlackB
  Delphi Reversing  Commercial stupidity by laptonic
-= Palm Reversing tutorial by Latigo =-
Manually unpacking Asprotect version 1.0 The encrypted import table by Tsehp
Mostek's new version of map2sice
New Amante4's ida plugins ~Recommended~
HCU Millenium strainer Stage 1: Solution By Bouuu ~The IDA4 way~
FlexiSIGN PRO and it's family of products from Amiable -- by Goatass
Guitar Pro v2.2 Demo by BlackB
IDA Pro Advanced 4.0x newbie tutorial by BlackB
How to manually remove a VBOX 4.3 protection updated by +Tsehp
  AudioGrabber 1.2 Reversing ListViews in a Delphi application~Lord Soth (Innovative)
, to convert ida's .map files for Sice Symbol loader by Mostek
Exploring security of "Acrobat Reader, v 4.05
Cours récapitulatif de cracking par Acid Burn
Anonymity 4 Proxy 2.0 updated with a keygen written by +Q
  Delphi Reverse Engineering Adding functionality to a Delphi program by +DaFixer
Cracking using DeDe - first essay by Godfather
Inline patching a program packed with ASProtect - by Predator
Adding Password protection to Netscape to control the clearing or modification of the history by Amante4
UNIX libraries' preprocessor for IDA Pro by Red plait
Anonymity 4 Proxy 2.0 Part 2 Removing the annoying nag by Tsehp
Anonymity 4 Proxy 2.0 Interesting protection for a useful app by +Tsehp
Steganos II Security Suite Trial by meRlin 7 April 2000
Dreamweaver3 Trial / Rsagent v3.1.2 by Freddy K
  How to manually remove a VBOX 4.3 protection.
An experiment of RE- engineering for Object Pascal programs
SignLab 5.0 Rev 7 Patching a poorly implemented Hasp dongle
First solution to the 99 strainer by Da_fixer ~~ MUST READ
Low Level Hard Disk Operations by FboyJoe
Exploit submission Wizard 5 Those infamous net based protections by Tsehp
Cracking WinZip Self-Extractor General Key by the+Q
DllShow v4.4 Patching to always register by +Bas
More Advanced FlexLM Tactics by Amante 4
Packing/unpacking tutorials by Eternal bliss tut1 tut2 tut3
  Reversing IDA 4.01  Watermarked protection scheme by +Tsehp
New humoristic section ~ Reversing the Operation of CAPS Shopping Cart Wheel Locks by Nolan Blender
Interlok VXD vagaries defeating anti-debug trick inside tpkd.vxd
More Advanced FlexLM Tactics by Amante4
Vbox 4.2
A generic crack explained by +Tsehp
PATCHING Encrypted or packed targets Crack on the fly by Macilaci
Borland's C++ builder v4 Emulating inputs on a timebomb protection by Tsehp
Netscape annoyances by Amante4
Rainbow trials Delphi five enterprise trial edition by macilaci ~Recommended 
How to produce KeyGENs by TORN@DO
Advanced FlexLM
Tactics by Amante4
~Two new essays by Nolan Blender
Making Tools Work Together - How to use Ida and Softice together
Reversing the CORE crackme By Nolan Blender
~ADDING functionality to a program by Volatillity
~Three new essays by TORN@DO :
Cracking Tutorial for Coffee Break 1.1 Reconstructing a missing key file and creating a key file generator
Cracking Tutorial for Download Master 2.0 Visual Basic 6.0 Cracking
Enabling a crippled target Turning an information into our weapon

Since the cut down !

Copernic 4.1 ads reversing by Tsehp
Quines dehasp uncrippled essay ~ Cracking Need For Speed 3 --- Diablo
Rainbow Six : Rogue Spear by REap
UGFLEX1 and UGFLEX2 modified flexlm by UNIGRAPHICS  Written by macilaci
A new protection essay by Lord Soth: Bifurcation ~ A new kind of protection.
Flexlm Information Hiding Methods used by Flexlm Targets An Explanation of the Flexlm Seed Hiding System.
Jobs and tailoring by the priest


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